B2B Services


We work with the best designers and can make any model of individual and unusual jewelry.

We can design any model of unique jewelry according to your sketch, models or photos.

CNC Milling

We use a modern high-precision CNC machine (CNC control system). The wax models made on the CNC machine are completely ready for direct casting. Accurate matching of the finished product to computer drawings. The casting quality of milled models exceeds that of models made of polymers. High-precision equipment mills products with maximum detail and very high surface quality.

We also offer milling of amber, wood and bone.

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Molds for wholesale production

We offer rubber molds that allow exact and continuous casting of models, both for the whole piece, or an element of a product.


We work with experienced casting professionals that complete precise and fast casting. 

We provide the possibility to cast in gold and silver.

Possible gold color: white, yellow, red, green and pink

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