CNC Milling

We use the best modern technology of wax milling. It’s a unique technique that provides exceptional quality, accuracy and detailing of work.

It’s impossible to achieve the exact quality using different methods, such as 3D printing. The tip of the mill is able to reach any surface and leaves the wax model consistent and ready for direct casting. This technique allows casting with high precision, even the smallest of detail.
Milled wax models surpass polymer models in terms of density and consistency of casting, they leave up to no aberrations – raw casting requires close to no processing and is easy to work with.

We allow the possibility to mill different materials – amber, mother-of-pearl, wood and bone, to create bass-reliefs.

Our client’s can request milling of their own 3-D project. The data has to be sent in one of the according extensions: 3DM-, STL-, or OBJ-.