B2B services

Are you a jewelry designer and do you have your own idea? We offer a full cycle of jewelry production: from making sketches and designing jewelry models, 3D printing, milling jewelry wax, to casting and finishing jewelry.

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In an innovative jewelery workshop in Warsaw’s Wola district, we will transfer your jewelery designs onto paper. Then these sketches will become the basis for realizing and bringing to life the product of your dreams.

3D design

We make each project individually, from classic to unusual jewelry. Our designers will create any model of unique jewelry according to the submitted sketch, model or photo.

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CNC Milling

We use the world’s advanced and number one jewelry wax milling technology.
This technology is distinguished by the high accuracy of the structures created, the detailing of the models and the high surface quality of the products obtained by this method. 
It is not possible to achieve this quality and precision of reproduction of jewelry details by any other method available on the market. 
Wax models made on modern, high-precision CNC machines (numerical control system) are ready for direct casting. 
We offer milling in amber, wood and bone.

We also make bas-reliefs.  


We work with competent casters, which enables us to make a casting in a short time.


Machining / Jewelry Finishing

All jewelry made in the FLAMINIKA workshop is produced exclusively by hand by experienced jewelers, which guarantees the highest quality of the final product.