Jewelry repair

Jewelry repair

We offer a full range of repair and restoration services for jewelry and jewelry products.

State-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified jewelers will provide prompt, quality service.

Price list of services for repair and restoration of jewelry and jewelry products


Soldering of chains weighing more than 20g to be arranged


Repairs to stoneless metal signet rings analogous to rings Solid signet rings, with stones, brass to be arranged

Repair prices listed above are approximate and are determined individually after inspection of the jewelry.

The prices for repairs of jewelry made in a purity other than 0.585 are higher by 30%.

Prices for repairs of brass jewelry are 50% higher.

Prices for repairs not listed above are agreed individually.

The price of making new jewelry to order is agreed individually.

Prices include VAT – 23%.

In the process of manufacturing new jewelry there is a 10% technological working loss, which is charged to the customer. This loss is calculated on the weight of the finished product, minus the weight of the stones used.